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There is nothing cozier than waking up on a cold winter morning and stepping onto a warm, fuzzy carpet to keep your feet happy. We love carpets for their many uses, but why are they so hard to maintain? That’s where we come in.

At Chem Dry Imperial, our mission is to ensure your home’s carpeting is in great shape and looking fresh, all with our green and health-conscious methods of cleaning.

Our Methods are Safe For Your Carpet

Tired of trying everything under the sun to keep your carpet neat and unblemished? Sometimes desperately seeking a solution can worsen the state of your carpet, or permanently damage it to the point of a full replacement. Don’t let this happen to you!

We offer safe and natural cleaning services for your carpet cleaning needs. At Chem Dry Imperial, we use an exclusive, patented method of cleaning called “hot carbonating extraction.”

This method involves gentle cleaning and drying processes that do not damage or discolour your rugs, with no residue left behind from the cleaning products. It also uses 90% less water than your standard cleaning company, which in turn allows your carpets to dry much faster.

Maintaining the integrity and attractiveness of your carpet is our main priority, so our approach is focused on providing you with an effective cleansing process that is safe for you and your home.

We Provide the Deepest Clean Money Can Buy

You’re careful and kind with your carpet, provide it with a regular wash and powders to prevent unpleasant odours. And yet, despite regular vacuuming and care, carpet fresheners and stain-removing chemicals, your carpets are slowly becoming permanently stained, matted, and smelly. Why?!

Standard household maintenance can only do so much for your carpet. Over time, dust and allergens accumulate in the fibres of your carpet, and only a deep cleaning can really get in there and provide the freshness you want and deserve.

Not only is our hot carbonating extraction method safe for your carpet, but it also provides a profound cleaning system that removes any and all allergens, blemishes, dirt and soil caused by years of wear and tear. Afterward, we employ extraction tools to remove any airborne pollutants or pet dander that are just waiting to settle back into your carpet. We got you covered!

We recommend having residential carpets cleaned every 12-18 months for maximum freshness and health safety.

An Attractive and Healthy Carpet is Possible!

Most people are hesitant to invest in a home that has carpet or to opt-in for carpet installation in their current home. This is mostly because of the fear of contaminants and pollutants that accumulate in the carpeting over time, and the cost that comes with cleaning said carpet.

We provide a safe and health-conscious cleaning method at an affordable rate so that you can have the best of both worlds.

All our cleaning products are non-toxic, green, and environmental friendly as recommended and approved by the Quebec Asthmatic Association. Don’t fret! Let your children and pets frolic on the carpet as much as they’d like, they will not be exposed to harsh chemicals lingering behind. We guarantee that!

Why Work With Us?

Not only do we specialize in all-natural carpet cleaning, but we also provide deep cleaning services on upholstery, leather, vinyl, area rugs and more.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, we are here to help. No stain is too stubborn, to carpet is too dirty. Our group of professional technicians are ready to take on the challenge, leaving you with the beautiful, healthy carpet you deserve.

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