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Carpet Cleaning Pros in Ottawa, ON Offer Essential Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Why Is Winter the Right Time to Clean Your Carpets?

Carpets are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they add a touch of colour and style to a specific room, but also they help keep you comfortable, especially during the winters in Ottawa. They also require more care, especially during the winter months. Homeowners should learn the potential health hazards related to dirty carpets and the benefits of having a professional carpet cleaner handle cleaning them for you.

Benefits of Carpets In the Winter

Anyone who has lived with hardwood floors in the winter knows just how wonderful it is to have carpets in the home. They are not only much warmer on the feet, but also make the whole house more comfortable to live in. Carpets actually trap the heat into the floor, which makes the entire house warmer and also reduces energy costs during the winter.

One other benefit of having carpet in the winter is that the risk of falls is significantly reduced. When hardwood floors get wet, slips and falls happen. For children or the elderly, a fall can be a serious issue. Carpets reduce this risk greatly, and look good doing it!

However, carpets in the winter also seem to collect much more dirt, mud, and even salt from the sidewalks and the roads. This can make them get much dirtier much quicker, which can lead to some serious health problems. As more and more people enter the home with dirty shoes, the damage to the carpet really starts to show.

How Dirty Carpets Can Impact the Home

Dirty carpets in the home aren’t just unsightly, they are also a potential health hazard! There are three main ways that dirty carpets can be harmful.

The constant assault on the immune system that comes from everything that lives in a dirty carpet is hard even for the healthiest person. Those with lowered immune systems, like people with cancer or the very young or very old, will have an even harder time fighting off the normal viruses that happen this time of year. One of the worst offenders is a microbe called mycotoxins, which is made up of multiple types of moulds. They contribute to allergies, respiratory diseases, and stomach infections.

Skin problems can also be a hazard of dirty carpets. The two most common skin issues related to this issue are skin allergies and athlete’s foot. 

Respiratory problems are one more health hazard of having dirty carpets. The moulds that live in them can attract other allergens, and dust mites tend to follow. All of these factors add up to potentially dangerous complications, especially for those with existing asthma problems. 

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference

While there are places that rent larger carpet cleaners to homeowners who are interested in doing it themselves, there are many benefits to having a professional do it. Here a just a few of the top reasons many homeowners are choosing to let a professional carpet cleaner handle their dirty carpets.

  • More powerful than home steam cleaners, so they can remove more dirt and allergens.
  • Better remove stains and odours
  • Cleans as far down as the padding due to higher water pressure
  • Carpets dry faster
  • The hot water in professional steam cleaners kill more germs and allergens
  • Less risk of damage to the carpet or padding
  • Ease of not having to DIY

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