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Carpet Cleaning Experts in Ottawa, ON, CA Explain the Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning.

House cleaning is an important part of homeownership. Considering how many feet touch the carpets on a daily basis, keeping up with a regular carpet cleaning schedule is imperative. However, many homeowners put it off due to the cost, or try to do it themselves. In the long run, hiring a professional to perform the home’s carpet cleaning services is the healthier and safer way to go, especially when choosing a business that uses the Chem-Dry system.

The Differences Between Chem-Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaning

The Steam Cleaning Process

Let’s start with steam cleaning. While this has always been the traditional way to clean the carpets in the home, that doesn’t mean it is the best way.

With steam carpet cleaning, a large amount of hot, vaporized water is forced into the carpet and then suctioned back up with a vacuum. The downside to this is that the water tends to fully saturate the carpet, taking about a day or two to fully dry. In addition to being annoying, it also is a potential health hazard, especially to members of the household that have allergy and asthma issues. The solution used with a traditional carpet cleaning machine has also been proven to actually increase the rate of how quickly the carpets get dirty again, since the residue it leaves behind attracts dirt and provides it with a surface to cling to.

The Chem-Dry Process

Chem-Dry always uses green, all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are considered environmentally friendly. Their patented system extracts dirt and other debris using a hot carbonating method.

Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning machines use that method to force millions of microscopic bubbles deep into the carpet, which effectively “explodes” all of the dirt, dust, and debris back up out of the carpet. This leaves the carpets almost as clean as they were when they were brand new!

The Chem-Dry method also uses up to 90% less water than the more traditional steam carpet cleaning methods, which also means that the carpets are dry within an hour or so.

Why Homeowners Shouldn’t DIY Their Carpet Cleaning

Saving money is always tempting, which leads to many homeowners attempting to perform their own carpet cleaning. But renting a steam carpet cleaning machine ultimately is not a good idea. Here’s why.

First of all, the machines themselves are heavy and difficult to get into the car, get home, and maneuver. They are also not frequently cleaned by the stores they are rented from, which means that homeowners trying to do their own carpet cleaning can actually end up doing the opposite. Dirty steam-machines bring additional dirt, pet hair, allergens, and other particulate matter into the home, making it twice as hard to get the carpets as clean as they should be.

In addition, home machines are just hard to use. It’s easy to accidentally soak the carpets with too much water, which can help provide the perfect conditions for the growth of mould, bacteria, and mildew. Combined with the fact that the carpet cleaner that is sold to use with them is full of chemicals and leaves a residue on the carpets, it’s best to just leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals.

About Chem-Dry Imperial

Chem-Dry Imperial is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. They provide risk-free, safe and natural carpet cleaning services with honest pricing. Chem-Dry Imperial also performs upholstery and area rug cleaning and offers pet odour removal services as well. To schedule, contact (613) 703-6276.


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