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How To Remove Pet Odour In Your Home

Pets can fill our homes with love and companionship. So much so, that pet ownership has skyrocketed over the last few years, which means there are more homes with pets in them, and more pets in individual homes as well. But while pets fill our lives with amazing benefits, they can also cause problems of their own, including pet stains and odours. If you’ve ever been faced with the problem of pet odours in your home, then the below information is for you!

The Dangers Of Pet Stains And Odours

Of course, one of the main reasons pet stains and odours are such a problem in a home is the aesthetics. Nothing makes a home look old, run-down, or dirty more than pet stains or a lingering odour. And because of nose blindness, it may be possible for your flooring and home to smell foul and for you to not even realize it, causing an embarrassing situation when guests come to visit. This is why it can be so important to regularly and professionally clean your carpets when you live with pets.

Besides aesthetic reasons, though, the messes brought about from pets can be damaging to your health, too. Pet dander is a leading allergen and can settle in all the nooks and crannies of your carpets and flooring. Having your home professionally cleaned can increase the quality of your air and create better health for you, your friends and family, and your pets.

Why Trust To A Professional?

Many homeowners will try to clean pet messes on their own, which is often met with mixed results. And if you have an elderly or young pet, messes may be more frequent and compounded, quickly creating a problem that may be too surmountable for a regular homeowner to tackle.

But professional cleaning will not only take the hassle out of your hands, but it is also often quicker and more sanitary than regular cleaning. More often than not DIY approaches to carpet cleaning or odour removal can cause more damage than help, especially if the fibres have a unique colour.

The Cleaning Method

Chem-Dry has a patent-pending solution to pet urine odour removal. It works to break down the actual molecules in the flooring, eliminating it not just from the carpet fibres, but from the padding and underflooring too. The chemical reaction that destroys the odour means you won’t have to worry about the fragrance returning when the weather turns hot or damp.

Also, professional methods are completely safe on your flooring and carpeting, which limits the risk of damage. In all, your pet stain cleaning service leaves you with a better smelling home, improved carpeting, while also helping discourage your pet from going in the same area, since there is no longer a trace of their odour.

Chem-Dry Imperial Can Help You With All Your Cleaning Needs

Chem-Dry Imperial uses a proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process which uses less water and fewer chemicals than other cleaning companies. Serving the Ottawa area since 1993, they offer long term solutions, honest pricing, and a risk-free guarantee. Call them today to set up an appointment for your flooring to be cleaned or to request a free, no-obligation estimate.

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