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The Experts In Ottawa, ON, CA provide Tips On Preventing Flood Risks

There is nothing more comforting than having a rug laid down for the winter season. It adds warmth to a home and gives a comfortable and cozy feeling that is hard to duplicate with anything else. That being said, winter also brings on the risk of floods that can destroy rugs and everything else within its path.

Below, the Chem-Dry Imperial in Ottawa, ON, CA share their tips on what to do if the worst should happen along with some things you should be on the lookout for to keep your home cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, dry.

The Importance of Carpeting

There are many verities or carpets and rugs available. There are different colours, styles, and patterns. You can choose from different textures, sizes, and materials plus you can have them in almost any room in the home. Not only do they add to the ambiance of the home, but they also create a cozy atmosphere, especially in Canada’s cold winter months.

When the temperature starts to tip below freezing, people have a harder time keeping the chill out. As hot air rises, the coldest part of the home can be the floor. This is why carpeting can be so important for Ottawa residents. The added layer will provide an extra barrier between your feet and the floor, plus it helps hold the heat in any given space.

That being said, there are some unfortunate circumstances that can damage, stain, or even destroy these heating saving items.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

During the winter, there are several ways water damage can occur to your carpet. The three most common ways are floods, leaks, and human error. The first disaster happens when a flood happens. This is typically due to a burst pipe in the home caused by frozen pipes. When a pipe is frozen then thaws, the pipe expands and can burst to create a lot of water damage not only to rugs but the entire home.

The second instances have to do with the roof. Inclement winter weather can take its toll on your roof. When this happens, leaks can appear that can go unnoticed; especially if it happens while the residents are asleep or at work. The water damage, even from a small leak, can cause considerable damage including stains and mould and mildew growth. Lastly, there is always human error. With the snow and rain, residents come and go in their winter boots and can track the moisture throughout the home. Again, the mud and snow will cause stains and other issues with your rug.

How Water Damage To Your Carpet Can Impact Your Home

All of the possible ways water damage can occur will cause damage to your home and carpets. Not only will you have a visual reminder, but there are other issues, as well. As mentioned, excess moisture can cause the growth of mould and mildew which can have serious side effects on your health. It can also cause a musty odour that can be difficult to eliminate. What’s more, a stained or dirty rug can create an overall shabby appearance in the home.

Unfortunately, there are times when these situations will be unavoidable. If that is the case, you need to turn to a professional for help. An experienced dry cleaner will be able to remove unsightly stains and odours. They will help preserve the life of our carpet and have it looking brand new. Not only that, but a professional will also be able to add layers of protection so the damage will not as bad in the future.

Chem-Dry Imperial

Chem-Dry Imperial is an all-natural carpet cleaning business that provides expert service to the Ottawa ON area. They provide long term solutions and upfront pricing to accommodate every resident’s needs. As the industry leaders in carpet cleaning, their professional staff will treat your home with respect and courtesy.


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