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Keep Your Carpet Looking Great with These Carpet Cleaning Tips Shared by Experts in Ottawa, ON.

The durability, affordability, and beauty associated with carpets make them a top choice for the floors in homes, offices, and just about any other area, you can put carpet in. However, like anything in your home, carpets can show wear and tear and allow impurities to enter. Because of this, carpet cleaning has become an important service for all homeowners. Not only does it provide a longer and more pleasant lifespan for your carpets, but as this article will show, it can also offer plenty of perks for you and your family as well. 

Why Carpets Are Important

A beautiful home has a way of relaxing the nerves and carpets are just one of the many factors involved in beautifying a home. Carpets are a common choice for many reasons among which are aesthetics, safety, insulation, health, maintainability, and durability. Carpets are known to have a lower chance of harbouring allergens and have been deemed a healthier choice. With a variety of colours, designs, and materials there is a carpet that is just right for every home. 

Carpets absorb sound, improving the acoustics of a room. They also provide warmth and are safer for children and the elderly, who are more likely to slip and fall, in comparison to hardwood floors. They cost less and have affordable maintenance for most people.

Things That Can Stain Your Carpet

There is an endless list of substances in this category and although some are coloured, there are those that are not. Good knowledge of things that can stain your carpet is essential for preserving its beauty. Some of these things include;

  • Bleach: One of the colourless ones which produce the toughest stains, bleach can come in contact with your carpet when a partly-closed bottle of bleach falls to the ground.
  • Makeup: Facial makeup does the exact opposite of what it does to your face, when it comes in contact with your carpet. The wax-containing products are the ones to be particularly wary of.
  • Food, fruit, and drinks: Food colouring such as can be found in tomato pastes can ruin your carpets. Grapefruit juice and coffee also give stains that are really difficult to remove.

Your carpet can also begin to harbour bacteria and fungus, if it is not cleaned routinely. These organisms sometimes produce pigments that can stain your carpet. Other stains like marker, or oil stains are relatively temporary.

Cleaning the Carpet in Kids’ Rooms

The importance of carpets in a home cannot be overemphasized. The warmth and increased friction they offer are of particular importance where kids are involved. Brightly coloured and attractive carpets are usually the choice. These carpets are prone to staining and they need to be cleaned regularly but compared to those found in the adults’ rooms one would expect a higher rate of staining on the kid’s carpet. 

This is due to the frequent playing, colouring pencils, watercolour, soda, spit, dropped candy, etc. Kids are not likely to do or say anything about such stains to their parents. If these stains are not taken care of quickly, they can completely destroy the carpet. This is why it is important for the carpets found in kids’ rooms to be cleaned regularly.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned Today!

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